Margaret McClue and the mystery of the roaming slippers

“where is my left slipper?” asks Margaret one day
“I don’t know, did you put them back in their place?” dad inquires
“Yes I did, but only the other one is there!”
Dad looks around the living room “here it is, by the couch”
“how did it get there on its own? I did store both away”
Nobody has a concrete idea of how that might have happened, and eventually they carry on with life.

A few days later, the same thing happens to Margaret’s older brother.
And then again, to other members of the family and their slippers.
This mystery is getting more and more mysterious!

The day after, Margaret notices a new clue: the slippers (of everybody), whenever they are found ‘missing’ and then get found again, start showing marks like they have been chewed. Someone has been trying to steal the family’s slippers to eat them!
Who can that be?

And then they see it, hidden behind a chair, their cat is chewing on one of mum’s slippers!

“That’s great” says dad “this cat heard from you and your brother that you might want a dog, and started behaving like it’s one. So we don’t need to get a dog, after all!

“Do you think the cat really thinks it’s become a dog, dad?”
“Maybe. We do need new slippers, tho.”


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