On being young parents

Having had kids early gave me and my wife a ton of confidence. By being young, we had ton of energies to invest in them (energies which otherwise would have been sucked by academia and the production system) and also to make mistakes. A parent cannot be possibly perfect. It’s OK to make mistakes, and learn from those, and apologize when due, and explain and clarify all the times, and show how you accept but also work on your limitations and that we are all never done growing and learning, and that’s why we come to this Earth in the first place. Many times, when you think “I need to do X before I am ready for Y” that’s just a delay tactic. I think that if you have kids too late – like many people do these days -, at that point you are way out of touch with your inner child, you have grown more grey, more bitter, way too disillusioned with the world and sometimes even decadent, that the generational gap becomes too wide for you and your offspring to really connect. It’s not about being the perfect parent, but it’s about being one for real, without delaying or delegating the task all the times.


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