I am a husband and a father of three kids, and I have three cats. Me and my family have lived in 3 different countries so far.
I am a Spiritual Life Coach and an Intuitive, and I read Tarot cards with my wife at the Sanctuary of Joy.

I also compose music, I build guitars out of recycled materials and I take photographs and empowering portraits: in fact, someone once told me that he thought I could not take a bad photo even if I tried.

This site is my chalkboard where I write my Ramblings, Short Stories, Teaching Tales, Poems, Aphorisms. Some of them are in really rough/draft form here. Some are starting points for posts at the Sanctuary of Joy’s blog.

All work here is copyright (c) Daniele Muscetta – unless stated otherwise, or in the case of short quotations from other authors.

If you like these stories, you might consider donating some pennies.



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