To my future parents

I have been watching you from the sky. I find you oh so interesting. I have been up here quite some time since last time I have been on earth, and I think I am ready for some new learning. I want to get to walk again among you in one of your bodies and experience the material world again.

Who am I? I am part of Love, the universal love of creation. I am just an extension of it, a soul in potential, which can’t put its intent into action just yet. Not from this form. I want to get born into a physical body so I can experience again what it is like to be down there.

I think I have been there before, then passed away – as you say. And I must have come back a few times. I don’t know how many times I have done it and how many more times I will do it again. In between each incarnation there is a reconnection, as we release ourselves as pure energies back into the source. And we have time to internalize what we have gone thru. There is time for people to forget their pain, and release us completely. Sometimes this takes weeks, sometimes decades. And in this process we also forget what it’s like to be down there in a body. For me the time has come to experience this again.

I know that when I’ll get into the flow and you will conceive me, I’ll start downloading myself into the forming body in the woman’s womb. As I’ll get born I would still know who I am and be in touch with source. I will see and talk to angels, and to the other souls up here. But as far as motion and independence will be concerned, I would be too young and constrained in a child’s body – unfit to go about in the world by myself, yet. Needing motherly comfort and care to even survive. That body I yearn for so much will be unfinished and unprepared – needing to go thru pain and learnings to acquire even the most basic skills that the material world demands for survival. I’ll cry and scream and work hard and I will learn it all.
The challenge, after the basics, will be to maintain that connection thru the course of that lifetime. You can get lost once you are down there. You can lose your balance. You can start caring for the wrong things. As long as you learn and eventually find yourself again, it’s all good. Although you’ll make your mistakes and get some bad karma with those. You will hurt other people, at some point – and you might have never intended to. Those will be things you do if you get disconnected from source.
Yet I have seen some worlds and societies where Love was at the core of every interaction.
But I have also seen how societies have evolved on your planet earth – and as I watch you today, I know the challenge of staying connected is increasingly present: over centuries you have filled your world with tools and technologies. You have progressively and collectively started to identify yourselves by your body, to define yourselves by your physical traits or the fame and fortune you manage to accumulate over those short life experiences. You have also created your own technological version of something you now ‘connect’ to. While I can see it’s useful for some things, you shouldn’t mistake this ‘connection’ with the connection to source, to Love, to your godly nature.

But I see something different in you two. Even with all the conditioning you – like anyone else – have received, there is something in you that shines like the source – you are part of source too, whether you are aware of it or not. Your nature is partly animal and partly godly. The godly part can’t completely die. You can pretend to forget it, and lock it up in chain and pretend not to hear it – but you won’t be able to suppress it. The need for a spiritual (not religious, just spiritual) higher meaning will continuously lead you to clues for rediscovering who you really are. That’s how this world works.
I don’t know whether you’ll watch for those clues, or even barely notice them, and how much you’ll become aware of your godly nature in this life time. Heck, I don’t even know if I – once I am there – will be conditioned too much; I could also forget where I come from and remain attached to the physical illusion! I know I’ll be teased by ego and daunted by doubts and fear.
But I feel an impending urge to live, just live, and I confide that all will be good. Getting born again is a risk worth taking.

So, I chose you as my parents.

Would you please make love now?


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